Classes Geared to All Fitness Levels

Whether you are creating a new fitness routine or are a seasoned athlete, we are here to support your goals! Our KFIT classes are held Monday – Saturday, KFIT4LIFE classes are held Monday-Thursday, Restorative Yoga the first and third Sunday of every month, and Open Gym throughout the week.

Our classes are designed with functional fitness in mind to enhance how you move through your day. At Kuleana Fitness our members are making waves in their personal journeys and we are here to support through fitness, nutrition, and wellness.


KFIT – our bread and butter! This is our version of a constantly varied, Functional Movement class performed with high intensity! Each day you will experience a new set of challenging exercises. No day the same as the next. Let one of our coaches lead you through a warmup, followed by a skill and strength component, plus a daily workout in this hour long class. 

Skill and strength training revolves around the core lifts: squats, presses, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts. In addition to these core lifts, athletes will also gain exposure to accessory, midline, and bodyweight strength. We intentionally cut out the “highest and lowest ends” of the spectrum in order to focus on packing the biggest punch in every workout.

During our KFIT WODs, get ready for combination of barbell, kettlebell, dumbbell, gymnastic, and cardiovascular exercises. An assortment of training geared to help you get stronger, faster, and all around healthier.

Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, this class is designed for you. We strive to help you crush your goals and we keep in mind that this is your workout. We will help guide you and encourage you through the hour!


KFIT4LIFE is an hour long combination HITT and Functional Movement class that any level of athlete can jump right into. A medium to high-intensity class, KFIT4LIFE, focuses on health and longevity in everyday activities, without the high level skill and weight lifting that is found in our KFIT class option. Each class experience is unique, with exercises changing daily. Our coaches will lead your through a warm up, followed by a skill focus, along with a workout, all topped off with a cool down and stretching.

During our KFIT4LIFE WODs, you will be able to focus on the basics! Light barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbell work can be expected; however, there is more of an emphasis on Functional Movements used daily such as squats, lunges, push ups, and hinges.

Make this the main workout of your day or add it in as a variation. If you are just starting your health and fitness journey, this class is a great way to get into a routine, find confidence at the gym, and start crushing your goals.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is here at Kuleana Fitness for all the best reasons! We see our athletes in high to medium intensity workouts, crushing their goals and working hard! This class is designed with athletes in mind to help them improve their well-being, improve mood, reduce pain, encourage better sleep, increase relaxation, and give the body a gentle well deserved deep stretch. 

A class that any level of athlete can join, Restorative Yoga is gentle on the joints, and consistent practice can strengthen the connective tissues that surround the bones and joints. Let our seasoned yoga instructor guide you through this hour class, it is the perfect complement to our KFIT and KFIT4LIFE classes. At the end of the session, your body will feel open and refreshed. 

We are happy to offer two Restorative Yoga classes each month, the first and third Sunday from 9:30-10:30 am. This class is included for all monthly members and is also available for non-members for $10. Bring your own mat, yoga strap, and block, or borrow one of ours!